4 Negotiation Tactics To Win In Both Business And Life

August 16, 2016

negotiation tactics

How can you master the art of negotiation? We all encounter situations in life that require a little extra care. A business deal could be on the line, a loyal customer could be questioning your new product, your boss could be debating the raise you deserve. How can we win these people over? Well, the answer isn’t so simple, as each person you deal with requires a slightly different strategy. Negotiation tactics are an acquired skill. These are four powerful tactics you can use to start building your arsenal. Over time and with some practice,  you’ll start seeing the results you’re aiming for. (Originally shared on

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Sarah Grieco is the Content Marketing Coordinator at the American Management Association. She holds a Master's degree and Bachelor’s degree in Communication Arts from the New York Institute of Technology. She is passionate about gender equality and the arts.

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