In business, superior communication skills can make or break you. For the up and comer who needs information fast, check out AMA’s collection of sample conversations, phrases, worksheets, and advice including how to broach difficult topics, ensure conflict remains constructive, and get customers for life.

effective virtual communication tips

Communicate Effectively With Your Virtual Team

By | Posted May 1, 2015

Are you having trouble getting your point across to your virtual team? Margery Myers explains 10 ways that leaders can effectively communicate with their employees from a distance.

why mindfulness is popular

Why Mindfulness Is Popular

By | Posted Apr 28, 2015

Do you find yourself stressing about the future too much? Miles Overholt and Mark Vickers explain the importance of practing mindfulness in order to stay level-headed in a complex, global economy.

achieving great work with a difficult boss

Achieving Great Work with a Difficult Boss

By | Posted Apr 13, 2015

How can we be successful without a supportive boss? Though it may seem impossible, there are several ways to thrive in spite of a difficult relationship with your manager. Michael Bungay Stanier sat down with AMA to discuss how you can achieve great work even with a difficult boss.

managing power dynamics

Managing Power Dynamics in International Negotiations

By | Posted Apr 10, 2015

How can you successfully manage power dynamics in a negotiation? The many strategies that you can take in a domestic negotiation may not apply in an international negotiation scenario. Yadvinder Rana offers three tips to navigate a global negotiation, and how to deal with power dynamics.

magnify your speech impact

Magnify the Impact of Your Speech with Social Media

By | Posted Mar 31, 2015

How do you keep your audience focused and engaged? When giving a speech, there are several ways to engage your audience and keep their attention throughout the presentation. Ian Griffin explains how you can utilize social media to magnify the impact of your speech and keep everyone’s attention.

presentation design tip

One Presentation Design Tip Everyone Can Master

By | Posted Mar 17, 2015 | 1 Comment

How can you make your presentations captivating and inspirational? The solution might not have to do with what you are presenting, but rather how you are presenting it. Scott Schwertly is an author and CEO of a presentation boutique, and he presents the one simple presentation design tip that will set your presentations apart.

take the risk of being unprepared

How to Take the Risk of Being Unprepared

By | Posted Mar 13, 2015

What do you do if you’re forced to give a presentation you’re unprepared for? Many people panic and deliver a disastrous speech that may damage their career. Lisa Braithwaite has some advice for the time-crunched speaker, and provides three tips to mitigate the risks of being unprepared. See what you can do when you don’t have enough time and you don’t have a choice.

Taking Anger Out of Confrontations

The Secret to Taking Anger Out of Confrontations

By | Posted Mar 9, 2015

A simple disagreement can easily lead into a full blown shouting match. This can jeopardize interpersonal relations in the workplace and productivity. Jay Heinrichs explains why it’s important to consider the purpose of the discussion before losing control of your emotions.

use silence in presentations

Don’t Be Afraid of Silence

By | Posted Mar 5, 2015

When you give a presentation, do you rush through in fear of making a mistake? By doing so, you lose the ability to regroup or gather yourself if things do start to go off track. Public speaking is a common fear, but you can conquer those fears by embracing the use of strategic silence: pausing. Barbara Rocha explains how using strategic pauses can help you establish credibility and presence in your next speech.

employee engagement secret weapon

The Secret Weapon in Combating Employee Engagement Woes: Part 2

By | Posted Feb 27, 2015

Some leaders are often guilty of patronizing others, even unintentionally. An essential aspect of effective leadership is respecting the people that work for you. Being attentive to your employee’s needs and being understanding of their time only creates mutual respect. In today’s work environment, it is especially more important to engage with those around you.

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