No matter what position you have or what division you’re in, you need to know basic finance. Check out AMA’s explanation of cashflow, budgeting worksheets, and more.

managing contract lifecycles

Is the Way You Manage the Contract Lifecycle Efficient?

By | Posted May 6, 2015

Have you considered improving your Contract Lifecycle Management System? See how you can bring more value to your company with these tips from contract management expert Rob Jansen.

leverage your 1st quarter numbers

How to Leverage Your 1st Quarter 2015 Numbers

By | Posted Apr 27, 2015

Need help optimizing your company’s financial future? Chia-Li Chien outlines the numbers you need to know to reach your business goals and have a successful 2015.

one reason for acquisition

Have Only ONE Reason for an Acquisition

By | Posted Apr 2, 2015 | 1 Comment

How can a situation with endless possibilities end with zero results? In an acquisition, this happens more often than you might think. David Braun explains how things can go wrong, and how to make sure you are prepared for any possible acquisition problems in your future.

reduce risk with favorable conditions

Create Favorable Conditions to Reduce Risk in Exit Timing

By | Posted Mar 11, 2015

What risks is your business taking on unnecessarily? When it comes to your company, are you doing everything you can to reduce risks to its overall welfare? Chia-Li Chien explains what types of risk there are in an exit strategy, and how you can mitigate the risks in your organization that keep you from being successful.

when is a problem not a problem

When the Problem Is Not the Problem

By | Posted Mar 6, 2015

Every business encounters problems of varying degrees, but do you examine the cause of those problems well enough? Misdiagnosing the issue can harm your business without you even knowing it. Chia-Li Chien explains how to find problems before they become problems, and how to plan for the future.

price buying a company

Why Price Is the Last Thing to Talk about When Buying a Company

By | Posted Feb 10, 2015 | 1 Comment

In any purchasing decision, is price the main factor you are negotiating on? While price is an important factor, too many businesses overemphasize its importance. David Braun discusses the importance of understanding owner psychology in any merger or acquisition. See why price should be the last thing you talk about in a purchasing decision, especially if you are buying a company.

company success in 2015

Harness Company Success in 2015

By | Posted Jan 28, 2015

How can you tell if your company has been successful or not? The most accurate way is to use numbers. Key Performance Indicators and Benchmarks can help you determine if your business has succeeded or fallen short. Chia-Li Chien explains how your company can harness success by utilizing the power of numbers. See what you can be doing to give yourself every chance at success possible.

private equity investment

How to Prepare for a Private Equity Investment

By | Posted Jan 20, 2015 | 1 Comment

As your business continues to grow, are you ready for the next step? A private equity investment can vault your business to new levels, and often require additional funding and planning. Seth Harward offers his advice on the steps you need to take when considering an investment. See how a case study of a company that did this can help you prepare for a private equity investment.

A Succession Strategy Can Help Lead You out of the Wilderness

By | Posted Dec 12, 2014

What is your exit strategy? Do you have one? Without a succession strategy in place, it can feel like your business is working tirelessly towards an unknown goal. Implementing a succession strategy can help focus your company on a set list of goals, culminating in a profitable sale. Chia-Li Chien explains the three types of succession plans you can use, and why doing so is so important.

6 Tips for COR Training

By | Posted Dec 8, 2014

Are your contracts being maintained properly? How do you know if the services you have purchased are up to par? A growing trend in federal acquisition has been the rise of COR training. Contracting Officer’s Representatives can be a useful component of ensuring that you are getting the proper performance from your contractors. Mark Drager has worked in contracting with the Navy for over 30 years, and has some advice on what type of training is necessary for all CORs. See what all COR needs to know, and why their training could benefit you in the long run.

Approaching an Owner for a Possible Acquisition? Don’t Write, Call.

By | Posted Dec 1, 2014 | 1 Comment

How should you approach someone when you are trying to acquire their company? Should you send an email or write them a letter? No. CEO David Braun explains why picking up the phone and having a conversation is the best way to set your company apart from your competition and turn your dream of a successful acquisition into a reality.

The Conscience Economy: How a Mass Movement for Good Is Great for Business

By | Posted Nov 21, 2014

How does your business account for the factors that impact its bottom line? Sales, revenues, income, and other financial terms are all important, but many organizations fail to account for a more difficult, yet equally important, factor: Social change. Overman makes the compelling case that as we transition to what he calls the Conscience Economy, business leaders must adapt and transform what their business offers, as well as how they produce, operate, sell and engage others. With practical insights throughout, Overman equips individuals, organizations and brands with the necessary tools to make positive social impact the driver of their bottom line.

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