No matter what position you have or what division you’re in, you need to know basic finance. Check out AMA’s explanation of cashflow, budgeting worksheets, and more.

Strategic Sustainability: Creating Abundance

By | Posted Nov 12, 2014 | 2 Comments

Are you worried about your business being overtaken by competitors? If you are not keeping ahead of the curve, you should be. Many companies fail to properly assess the future possibilities for growth, and as a result they never reach their potential. Professor Jay Friedlander introduces a strategic sustainability model called the Abundance Cycle TM which can help. See how you can implement this model to maintain perspective and maintain financial success.

Stuck in Your Job? Close the 33% Gap Holding You Back

By | Posted Oct 30, 2014

Have you been mired in the same position for what feels like forever? Perhaps you’re not getting the best career advice out there. Most women do not know that they need to have financial acumen skills to be considered for a promotion in their company. You can get ahead by sharpening your business, strategic and financial acumen skills, says Marina Theodotou. In a competitive business world, closing the 33% gap that is made up by these three skills can get keep you ahead of the pack.

Gender Pay Gap Persistent

By | Posted Oct 27, 2014

An increasingly relevant topic in today’s workplace is the concept of the gender pay gap. While many dispute its existence, […]

Let’s Debunk 3 Myths About LEAN

By | Posted Oct 20, 2014

Is your company losing money because of wasted time and effort? Or is it operating below its peak potential because of inefficiency? LEAN production might be the solution to your problem. There are many myths about LEAN, a process improvement methodology, and Marina Theodotou is here to debunk them. See how LEAN can help your organization and why you should seriously consider investing in this efficiency-maximizing process.

Make Succession Strategy a Priority

By | Posted Oct 15, 2014

Does your company have a succession strategy? Many decision makers fail to recognize the value or importance of a succession plan. Chia-Li Chien details why that is a dangerous proposition with a personal account of a business that faced the consequences of operating without a plan. Learn how to keep your management in the loop for a more motivated workforce and a more transparent operation.

Are You Ready to CAPEX?

By | Posted Sep 29, 2014

In the most recent edition of AFP Exchange, the Association for Financial Professionals magazine, John Hintze notes that there is […]

Governance-Risk-Compliance: A 3-in-1 Capability to Survive and Thrive

By | Posted Sep 15, 2014

Today, according to Evermerchant, every 30 seconds over $1.2 million worth of products are sold online globally. The other side […]

Meet Your Business Goals with Forecasting: Creating a Forecasting System

Meet Your Business Goals with Forecasting: Creating a Forecasting System

By | Posted Sep 8, 2014

In my previous article, How Well Do You Forecast in Business? we explored the difference between forecasting and budgeting. We […]

3 lean tools for efficiency

Want to Be an Efficiency Superhero? Here Are 3 LEAN Tools to Consider

By | Posted Sep 1, 2014 | 1 Comment

We talk and use the term efficiency all the time:  When we interview, when we give performance appraisals, when we […]

Budgeting vs. Forecasting: What’s the Difference?

By | Posted Aug 28, 2014 | 2 Comments

Need to learn how to speak accounting fast? Take a finance course. Investors behave differently depending on whether information is […]

The Wrong Place to Start an Acquisition Process

The Wrong Place to Start an Acquisition Process

By | Posted Aug 11, 2014 | 2 Comments

Many people begin by listing possible companies to buy. But there’s a far better approach when you’re planning an acquisition. […]

A Different Angle on Acquisition

Partnership, Not Conquest: Mergers and Acquisitions

By | Posted Jun 27, 2014 | 1 Comment

A collaborative mindset often leads to the best long-term outcome when you’re looking to buy another company. Buying a company […]

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