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Developing analytical skills is very important. While it is part of the learning process in all individuals, some naturally have better analytical skills than others. Understanding, analyzing, synthesizing and relating complex information and abstract variables all help develop these skills. Make an effort every day to reflect on situations and think about how to make improvements. They contribute to building character and common analytical skills within your thinking style. With that in mind, try our quick brainteaser quiz…


Challenge Your Analytical Skills With Brainteasers

1. Identify the two statements necessary to make the conclusion in the beginning of the question true.

-Brady pitches a baseball faster than John.

a) Danny is the champion pitcher.
b) Brady can throw the ball further than Danny.
c) Brady can throw the ball as fast as Danny.
d) Danny can throw the ball faster than John.

2. Jenna, Mark, Andrew & Rebecca are new employees at an orientation. They introduce themselves and meet other new employees. They sit in this order in a row left to right. Jenna changes places with Eric due to his height and then Eric changes places with Mark because he was blocking Mark as well. Who is at the right end of the row?

3. From the previous question, who would be sitting to the left of Andrew?

4. Identify the two statements necessary to make the conclusion in the beginning of the question true.

-Hundred college students sat the the exam.

a) Forty students did not turn up for the exam.
b) Twenty students failed the exam.
c) The exam was rushed by sixty students.
d) Eighty students passed the exam.

5. Lance loves to eat sushi but not chinese while Janet loves to eat salad and chinese. Bill loves to eat salad but not a big fan of sushi while Anne loves to eat chinese but not particularly interested in salad. If each coworker loves to eat two of the three types of food, which one has the same preference as Janet?

6. Identify the two statements necessary to make the conclusion in the beginning of the question true.

-Associates Inc. is south-west to Chaplins Co.

a) Associates is two miles south of Boston Brewery.
b) Boston Brewery is two miles east of Dobble Ltd.
c) Chaplins Co. is two miles east of Boston Brewery.
d) Dobble Ltd. is North-west of Associates Inc.

7. Identify the two statements necessary to make the conclusion in the beginning of the question true.

-Joshua makes sure to go running before work.

a) Joshua is on the track during the winter.
b) Joshua is on the track.
c) Running takes place on the track during the summer.
d) All the athletes in the track are running laps.

8. A group of companies are located within a newly erected building divided by one company per floor. S & E Enterprise is on the floor below Cloverfield Ltd. & Master Management is on the floor above Shell Inc. However, Shell Inc. is on the floor below S & E Enterprise due to better lighting and Cloverfield Ltd. shares their office space with Roger & Sons LLC after a merger between both companies. Pester & Partners is located on the top floor. Who is on the bottom floor?

9. In the previous question, another two companies are on the verge of concluding a merger as well after seeing the cheaper cost of office space rent together by another pair of companies within the building. They have already begun sharing the floor. Which two companies are these?

10. Five cars participate in the last lap of a Grand Prix race. The Hyundai beat the Dodge but couldn’t overtake the BMW. The Maserati failed to overtake the Toyota but beat the BMW. Which car came in last? Also, which car came in third place?




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    Tom – If 80 people passed the test and 20 people failed the test how many people took the test? You can either pass it or fail it. So 80 + 20 = 100

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