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how to write a good email

How to Write the Perfect Email

Trying to figure out how to write the perfect email within a regular day at work? During the course of […]

body language

10 Powerful Body Language Tips

By | 14 Comments

The effective use of body language plays a key role in effective communication. Here are ten tips I’ve learned during […]

stay employed

25 Ways to Stay Employed and Improve Your Workplace

It’s no secret: life is uncertain and you may be losing hope in being able to stay employed. Restructuring, downsizing, […]

making a career change

Thinking of Making a Career Change?

Have you been thinking of making a career change? The industry you choose has never been more important! Career change is […]

communication skills quiz

AMA Quiz: Where Do You Shine As a Communicator?

Becoming an expert communicator, requires efficiency at all points in the communication process and you must be comfortable with the […]

risk management

Risk Management: Extracting Value out of Uncertainty

Project management usually entails a portion of risk management within its elements, which often prompts the question, what is risk management? Risk management can be used to extract value out of a risk situation based on your investment. Downside risk, is the likelihood of a negative outcome from an uncertain event or condition, and upside risk is the likelihood of a positive outcome. Let’s take a closer look at what forms of risk can be addressed…

analytical skills

Demand for Analytical Skills Growing

With Big Data becoming increasingly critical for sound decision making, middle-level managers will be under pressure to build their analytical […]

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