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what smart phone analytics are being fed to businesses without your knowledge

3 Ways Companies are Leveraging Your Smart Phone Against You

There’s a hidden intellect growing within leveraging your smart phone.  While you are shopping, dining or even sleeping, it’s got […]

employee turnover

Employee Turnover Expected to Rise?

One in three employers expect employee turnover to continue to increase in 2013, according to a survey by AMA Enterprise, a […]

email marketing

Eight Ways To Improve Your Email Marketing Results

Have you ever wished you had a magic wand that would send customers your way every time you waved it?  […]

effective management network

The Paradigm for Effective Management: Handling The Manager’s Paradox

For well over a hundred years, managers and workers have thought the best way to organize the work of large […]

be yourself and your staff will be happy

Be Yourself: The Secret to Effective Leadership

By | 1 Comment

In the video below, Kristi Hedges points out a communication mistake that leaders tend to make:  They tend to think […]

big data strategy

How Much Data Is Needed For a Big Data Strategy?

The question of how much big data is needed for a big data strategy, is always an issue for corporate […]

customer is happy because the employee is focused on him

Are You Really Focused on the Customer?

At first glance, “big picture thinking” and “customer focus” would seem to be mutually exclusive terms. After all, the first […]

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