4 Elements of Stories That Inspire Teams to Achieve Goals

4 Elements of Stories That Inspire Teams to Achieve Goals

When teams set out to achieve impressive business feats, they need a steady diet of inspiration. And the stories their managers tell can provide that […]

How “Shape Shifter” Employees Disrupt the Workplace

How “Shape Shifter” Employees Disrupt the Workplace

“Claire” seemed to be the perfect new hire. When corporate management visited your branch office during Claire’s first workweek, she surprised you and delighted the […]

Your Customer Promise Determines Your Leadership Approach

Your Customer Promise Determines Your Leadership Approach

A company’s leadership approach and organizational culture must be designed to deliver on its customer promise. Every kind of for-profit and nonprofit enterprise falls into […]


business relationships

Relationships, Not Transactions: Practical Tips for Business Success

Relationships are the core of a successful, growing business. How are you handling your new and existing relationships in the international world? Sharon Schweitzer offers her tips on how to enhance your partnership with businesspeople from around the world to help you grow exponentially.

creating dialogue

Create Meaningful Dialogue: Eliminating Roadblocks to Communication

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Are you sabotaging important conversations without realizing it? Some of your actions are creating tension that change the course of your important discussions. Daniel Goleman identifies the most common roadblocks to communication and how you can avoid them to create meaningful dialogue.

healthy work environment

Create a Safe Space: Four Steps to Lead Your Team to Win

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How do you effectively and creatively engage your employees? Keeping your team alert and on task is crucial to hitting your target goals. Maxine Attong offers four steps to lead your team to a winning mindset, and what you can do to see the payoffs in performance and employee engagement.

secrets for project success

Four Project Lessons from the Public Sector

What causes projects in the private sector and government to fail so prevalently? Todd Williams offers five project lessons that have worked in the public sector that you can use to help turn your project failures to unmitigated successes.

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