Why Listening Is the Top Sales Skill

Why Listening Is the Top Sales Skill

Every great salesperson knows that listening is the most important of all sales skills. Most people think it’s the smooth talkers who make the best […]

HR Leaders Define the Characteristics of High-Potential Talent

HR Leaders Define the Characteristics of High-Potential Talent

What is the number one characteristic you look for when identifying high-potential talent? Eighty HR professionals answered this question during breakfast events in San Francisco […]

The Visionary Leader: Creating a Vision to Get Past the Fog

The Visionary Leader: Creating a Vision to Get Past the Fog

In a global environment that often seems chaotic, business leaders may easily feel like they are stuck in a fog. It takes courage to try […]


dining etiquette

Dining Etiquette: 10 Tips to Increase Your Confidence at a Dinner Interview

Have you ever had an embarrassing experience at a business dinner? A dinner interview is a useful tool for employers to see how you respond in social, professional scenarios. Kathleen Pagana offers ten tips so you can be more confident at your next important dinner, and how you can impress your future employers.

brevity presentation

Why Brevity is Best in a Presentation

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During your last presentation, did you notice your audience’s attention beginning to wane? Rambling on about your topic is a certain way to cause your listeners to lose interest. Beth Noymer Levine explains why brevity is your best friend in a presentation, and how to be more concise in your speeches.

annual performance review

Communicating Bad News for the First Time During the Annual Performance Review

Are you dreading the performance review conversation where you have to deliver bad news? As natural as it may be, this conversation can be the difference between turning your employee’s career around and having to fire him altogether. Paul Falcone and Winston tan explain how you can have this conversation and use it as a springboard to success.

technical information presentation

3 Tips for Translating Technical Information into a Memorable Vision

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Your technical jargon and business speak is getting lost on your audiences. According to Craig Bentley, however, there are ways for you to turn that technical information into a more memorable presentation. See his advice on how to portray your knowledge in a more memorable way.

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