Psychology of Persuasion: Expanding Your Influence in Business

November 2, 2017

Expanding your influence

Getting customers to take you seriously can be a challenge sometimes. How can you get them to think of you as more than just another vendor with a sales pitch? You need to expand your influence with customers and prospects—and that means understanding and applying the psychology of persuasion.

The following persuasion tips from AMA’s Expanding Your Influence program can help you influence the decision-making process and generate more business:

Draw on empathy to expand your influence

What’s keeping your customers up at night? What’s holding them back? What would they do differently if you could make their problems disappear?

Instead of simply describing the benefits of buying from you, explain how you can help make customers’ specific problems go away. Ask them what they’d do with their resources once you’ve help resolved their most pressing issues. Even if they don’t buy from you this time, you’ll be remembered as a supportive and concerned ally in the future.

Influence others through collaboration

Influence isn’t a one-way street. Ask your customers for their input on the challenges that you face.

What’s their opinion on a new product idea you’ve been thinking about? What additional services could you offer that they’d like to see? Where do they think your industry is headed in the future? They may not always have anything to say, but they’ll know that you care about their opinions.

Balance emotion and logic as a persuasion tactic

A proposal based solely on emotion may elicit a passionate initial response from a customer, but give them time to mull it over and they may back out of a deal. A pitch based solely on logic may have more sticking power, but may bore a customer initially.

To create a more memorable result, be sure to incorporate into your proposal both the long-term, logical benefits and the immediate emotional satisfaction of a solution.

Take the next step in your development as a sales superstar. By adopting these persuasion strategies, you may not only grow your influence over others but also take strides in growing your business.

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Through consultative selling methods, you can earn the trust of customers and prospects and gain their business.

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Joseph D’Amico, PMP, is a product and project manager at American Management Association. He manages products in AMA’s project management, finance, and supply chain portfolios.

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