The Other Side of the Hiring Equation

June 10, 2015

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Are you concerned with the quality of your new hires? Jay Meschke is the president of CBIZ Human Capital Services and offers his advice on building a stronger equation process, and how to make sure your next hire is a hit.

According to most metrics and anecdotal feelings, the U.S. economy is back on track. Many people also claim the job market is hot. In fact, talent management practitioners see candidates dictating the employment market more than companies.

As executive search consultants, my firm is often asked how to improve the probabilities of making a good hire. When organizations rapidly hire or follow the pace of a fast market, some groups shortcut their processes and pay a steep price.

With the costs of turnover and departures at an all-time high, I am emphasizing the “hire slow and fire fast” mantra more than ever. Consider the following:

  • Validating qualifications – Organizations that only follow tried-and-true tactics, such as skill verification, background checks and formal assessments, to validate qualifications are missing out on the other side of the hiring equation in this fast employment market.
  • Assessing personal characteristics – To understand this qualitative denominator of the hiring equation, leaders should determine the true, time-tested personal characteristics for success within their organization.
  • Defining and applying core values – Today, many organizations define their unique core values for strategic goals, visions and missions. Try applying those same values, like integrity and ethics, or more specific ones, like high emotional intelligence and drive, to your executive hiring strategy. Assuming an organization’s leadership is on board with the identified soft skills, the rest of the recruiting equation will fall into place and the organization will have a higher likelihood of finding and hiring the right candidate.

Be true to thyself, and like-minded people will be true performers in the end.

For more HR insights from Jay Meschke, check out the CBIZ blog.

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About The Author

Jay Meschke is president of CBIZ Talent and Compensation Solutions. He oversees a business unit that provides retained executive search, compensation consulting, HR consulting and career transition services. He is a sought-after subject matter expert on issues related to executive search and talent management. For additional insights, visit the CBIZ blog and follow him on Twitter at @jay_meschke.

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