12 Comebacks When Your Sales Prospect Says “The Price Is Far Too High.”

March 3, 2013

Salesman closing a sale

One of the most important skills for how to be a salesman is overcoming objections. Here are 12 comebacks to the most common objection to closing a sale: the price.

  1. What are you comparing our offering price to?
  2. Price is an important consideration, isn’t it? Would you consider value equally important? Let me tell you about the value of our products.
  3. What price were you planning on paying?
  4. The price is exactly why you should use our [your product/service]. Your taste and concern for value are impeccable.
  5. Our competitor may know what their products are worth.
  6. We can translate the price into installment payments that are easy
    to swallow.
  7. We can lower the price. What options would you like to eliminate from the package?
  8. What I hear you saying is that you need to be sure the product you order is cost effective. Using [your product/service] has saved companies like yours significant money. Let me show you why.
  9. We’re not cheap. We’re good. I’d hate to think we offered you a [your product/service] with [number] percent more than anyone else can offer and didn’t charge more for it.
  10. I think you’d agree that quality is more costly. Is quality important
    to you?
  11. What might it cost your company if you don’t use our [your product/
  12. Our price is high. But it’s not high enough when you consider the ­“total package” we provide.

 Adapted by Christina Parisi with permission from Sales Scripts That Sell by Michael Gamble and Teri Gamble.

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