12 Phrases That Show Your Emotional Intelligence

August 3, 2016

emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence is crucial in the workplace. What you say isn’t nearly as important as how you say it, and can mean the difference between coming across as confident and being seen as cocky. Read on to learn what makes others see you in a positive light, and how emotional intelligence can help all your relationships stay healthy and productive. (Originally shared on

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Communication and interpersonal skills are the key to successful workplace relationships. AMA has all the resources you need to make sure your professional interactions are always on point.

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    The “witches brew” now being concocted that will bring a level of uneducated barbarism that will stunt intellectual growth.

    US schools have stopped teaching cursive writing. In cursive’s place illegible printing that looks like hen scratch has taken hold. Coupled with Texting skills that use abbreviations that defy intelligence and change from year to year. Unable to take a phone message or jot down a thought we are headed towards a collapse of or a dramatic societal change. Now retired I saw evidence of the new generation to whom mentoring had no value and very few were able to write.

    As a Bank Loan officer I found if I could not write a good narrative of who what when where and their history and experience chance of loan approval was very low.

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