19 Effective Ways to Improve Your Presentation Skills

October 18, 2017

Presentation skills

In today’s marketplace, organizations depend on people to have the presentation skills needed to share their ideas. Whether a presentation is informative, persuasive, motivational, or intended for some other purpose, developing effective presentation skills is the first step to building this competency.

Here’s a basic checklist from AMA’s Presentation Skills Workshop to help you prepare for and deliver a presentation. These steps will develop your skills in three stages:

Plan — Develop and organize the presentation content

  • Know your topic
  • Know what you want to achieve—the purpose of your presentation
  • Research your topic and use timely information
  • Keep it simple (less is more)
  • Choose an organizational pattern that maximizes the impact of your presentation
  • Keep media simple and to the point
  • Know and adhere to your time limit

Practice — Use practice strategies and plan to create engagement

  • Use notes or an outline to practice the presentation
  • Highlight key words or phrases
  • Pay attention to your voice: quality, inflection, volume, pace, articulation, clarity
  • Check your visual presence: dress, stance, movement, facial expressions, eye contact
  • Practice ways to engage and interact with listeners, such as asking questions, surveying the audience, or addressing people by name
  • Practice, practice, practice

Present — Create and project a credible image

  • Create a credible image by communicating with confidence
  • Be energetic and animated
  • Be ready to adapt
  • Plan for potential questions and challenges and keep control of the situation
  • Give thought to the presentation environment: room setup, equipment, logistics
  • Be positive and enjoy yourself

By following this checklist, you’ll be on a successful path to developing the effective presentation skills that will help you to convey your message and engage the audience.

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