20 Things Every Career Woman Must Know

October 1, 2013

career woman

13. There is a difference between mentors and sponsors. Mentors are concerned with your professional development; sponsors are concerned with your professional achievements.

14. You should always have at least one close contact who has achieved fabulous things beyond your wildest dreams.

15. Chaos is self-created by the choices you are making right now.

16. You’ll never criticize yourself powerful, happy, or rich.

17. Confidence isn’t having the right answer. It’s knowing you can figure out the answer.

18. You will have it all when you don’t try to be it all.

19. The secret to productivity is to stop doing things that are comfortable and start doing things that matter.

20. Regardless of your career path, there’s no direct flight and the layovers will take longer than you think.

Final thoughts: There’s nothing more important to your success than being a magnificent career woman first. Because the truth is, it’s not a man’s world or a woman’s world. It’s our world, because it’s what we make of it.

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