5 Body Language Positions Used by Charismatic Speakers

September 5, 2018

Body language positions

Your body language and posture reveal a lot about your personality, state of mind, and confidence level, among other things. This is true when you give a presentation or speech, lead a team meeting, and communicate face-to-face with co-workers and others.

But have you considered the possibility that you can use your body language positions to your advantage? By using body language positions correctly and smartly when you’re speaking, you can have a positive and long-lasting influence on your audience or conversation partner.

Body language when speaking or giving a presentation

Here are five body language positions that will help you become a charismatic speaker:

Upright body position. When you stretch your body out to its full height, you show signs of healthy self-esteem and confidence. Elongating your neck and looking another person straight in the eye is a great way to create a lasting impression.

If you watch the James Bond series, you will notice that the upright body posture is adopted by almost all the heroes. However, we suggest that you carry a warm smile along with this posture. Otherwise, your confidence can be mistaken for arrogance.

The combination of friendliness, warmth, and self-confidence boosts your chances of becoming a charismatic speaker.

Winner’s pose. A person with a high level of self-confidence always adopts the winner’s pose, in which your posture, facial expression, and other factors signify that you are born to win and that you succeed in everything you do. How well you pull off this pose depends on the way you enter and dominate a space.

This posture gives people the impression that you are comfortable, relaxed, confident, and feeling at home. It’s as if you are unchallenged by anyone, and you are marking the space as your territory. In this pose, your behavior and body language are like that of a cat. Cats are always at ease, and they move with grace and fluidity.

A highly mobile jaw. When you are speaking, a highly mobile jaw is also considered a sign of a high level of self-confidence. Apart from being helpful in pronouncing words better, a wider opening of the lips while speaking also leaves an impression of confidence with listeners.

Confident speakers open their jaw and speak with immense clarity, while those who are stressed or frightened tend to limit the movement of the jaw muscles. To avoid limiting your jaw movement, you should relax it with the help of a few simple exercises before you speak. The easiest exercise requires you to say your name while you’re yawning.

Relaxed body posture. A relaxed body posture is a vital trait of a charismatic speaker. This position not only helps build good interaction with your audience but also is a sign of self-control and confidence.

If you show signs of tension and stress while speaking, the listeners will assume that you are not a confident person. As a result, they will lose interest in your speech or presentation.

To keep the audience interested in your speech, you must have a relaxed posture and deliver positive vibes. A little humor now and then can be a great asset when used in combination with this pose.

Relaxed shoulders. As with a relaxed body posture, relaxing your shoulders can be an important asset for you as a speaker. A visible neck, the chest pushed a little forward, and the shoulders held slightly backward symbolize strength, bravery, and enterprise.

If you are addressing an audience, it’s easier for you to make yourself heard when you use this position. Making eye contact during conversation can also do a great deal of good in making a positive impression on others.

Using body language positions to your advantage

Now that you know the five body language positions, you must concentrate on the specifics of each one to use them to your advantage. Many people don’t realize that they are showing signs of weakness and lack of confidence while they are conversing with others or speaking in front of an audience.

Therefore, it’s always best to put yourself in front of a mirror before every important meeting or gathering. Practice speaking to yourself, and keep an eye on the positives and the negatives. But most important, perfect these postures over time to give your career the boost it deserves.

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