7 Tips to Always Be Recruiting Great Employees

December 9, 2015

Whether it was Michael Douglas in Wall Street or Ben Affleck in Boiler Room, Hollywood has cashed in on the “ABC: Always Be Closing” mantra in sales movies.   You can’t really blame them, after all, it is catchy, in alphabetical order, and is solid advice for any sales rep.

However, as CEO of Peak Sales Recruiting, a leading B2B sales recruiting company, there is an adjacent mantra I would recommend for senior executives, which is: “ABR: Always Be Recruiting.”

Too often, business leaders are reactive when it comes to recruiting.  Once their team is set, they stop making it a priority.  Then, when someone unexpectedly leaves, gets sick, or becomes a poor performer, they are scrambling to replace the success once achieved by that employee.

While it is entirely possible to find a great employee in short order, it is far more likely that you will end up settling for someone average or worse.

Top employees are likely employed, so it is crucial to search everywhere.  The best in the business get swooped up quickly, so it is essential to search 365 days per year to catch them as soon as they decide to “explore their options.”

Have I sold you on ABR?  If so, here are 7 tips to Always Be Recruiting:

1)   Understand Your Requirements: It is important to know what type of candidate you are looking for.  Outline the skills, experience, and DNA of the person for both the organization and different roles.   For example, people who do well in start-ups have a different mix of skills than those who belong in mature or large companies, so be prepared in advance with what qualities will serve you best.

2)   Look Everywhere: Do not limit your search.  Use every tool available, including online, social networks, job boards, conferences, referrals, and more. Post your openings on Facebook, LinkedIn, or your blog in order to attract people from across the country or around the world, if required.

3)   Make the Effort at Networking Events: When you attend networking events, engage in conversations and swap business cards. When you come across someone who would be a great addition to your team, let them know what your firm offers and how that can help them achieve their career aspirations.

4)   Stand Out: Write job ads that stand out instead of a typical list of job requirements. Treat candidates like customer prospects and write your job ads with compelling copy that successfully articulates the challenges and opportunities great employees crave.

5)   Offer Careers: In order to be known as an employer of choice among the top candidates in your field, make sure you offer a career and not just a job.  Great employees want more than just the opportunity to earn a great paycheck: they need a clear path that enables them to achieve their larger professional goals.

The cost of a bad hire is enormous. To avoid this, it is essential to Always Be Recruiting.

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About The Author

Eliot Burdett is an author, sales recruiting expert, and the co-founder and CEO of Peak Sales Recruiting, a leading B2B sales recruiting company launched in 2006. Under his direction, the company leads the industry with a success rate 50% higher than the industry average, working with a wide range of clients including boutique, mid-size, and world-class companies such as P&G, Gartner, Deloitte, Merck, and Western Union. Eliot has more than 30 years of success in building companies and recruiting and managing high-performance sales teams. He is a Top 40 Under 40 winner. He has been widely featured in top publications including the New York Times, Fortune, Forbes, Inc., Entrepreneur, Reuters, Yahoo!, Chief Executive, and CIO.


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