A Successful Global Leader: A Focus on the Customer

July 5, 2013

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Becoming a manager today requires even more skill than just a few years ago. Consider this: The U.S. was ranked at number 5 in a Global Leadership Study. The study suggested a moderate slide in US rank from 5 today to 8 tomorrow but according to Caroline Paxman, the bigger issue is “the risk of falling into a steady declining trend in our supply of leaders, as more companies are competing in the global economy.” The new global and multinational focus requires new skills in leaders.

The Challenge for Global Leaders

When people in the current study, “Leading In A Worldwide Market,” by the American Management Association, were asked to “rank the drivers of change that need to be addressed by global leaders to be successful,” the results showed that the most critical drivers for global leaders actually focused on the customers and the factors that drive customer satisfaction and retention including:

  • ensuring quality products and services
  • driving innovation
  • retaining the best people
  • running business efficiently

The idea that global leaders should focus on customers is not unique to managers who lead globally. However, the challenge to global leaders in addressing these common and critical business drivers is that they must do so within a constantly shifting global context.  This demonstrates the need for increased focus on global leadership.  We know that leading within a worldwide market experiences many complexities, but nothing that a successful global leader won’t be able to handle and manage effectively.

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Paul Salandy is a student at NYU Stern School of Business, double majoring in Marketing and Management with a minor in Media, Culture, and Communications.

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