AMA Quiz: Am I Stressed?

September 11, 2013

am I stressed?

Your ability to handle stress may be one of the most critical skills you learn. Stress can affect your health, your work, your relationships, and your happiness. There are obvious stressful events like losing a loved one or losing your job. But sometimes there are small stresses that add up creating a constant stress response. It can be subtle, leaving many people to ignore or totally miss the signs of serious stress until they are fairly far along. Find out where you are on the stress scale by taking the quick quiz:

Am I Stressed?


1. How often do you feel depressed?

2. Do you feel anxious even though you don’t know why?

3. Are you edgy or impatient with your co-workers?

4. Do you feel overwhelmed, helpless?

5. Do you dwell on past mistakes?

6. Do you have problems concentrating on your work?




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    I disagree with the conclusions from my survey. My stress level is modest. Because I’m not revealing much anxiety the conclusion provided from the (automatic response)of the survey was that I’m not challenging myself enough. Trained as an industrial psychologist and executive coach, I have learned, as have many of my most clients, that if we loose our cool we can’t think clearly. Most successful executives are exceptionally competitive and hard driving, but use their energy in a controlled and focused manner. Selye, an esteemed psychology researcher and motivation expert, experimentally showed that stress at a modest level is best. High and low, is debilitating.

    I am often brought into a company to assist clients who are stressed and strung out. Simplifying what I do, I coach them to both understand the triggers of their anxiety and to redirect their stress. Again to simplfy: Your first step is self-awareness; the second, making changes (sometimes outside your comfort zone).

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