AMA Quiz: Have You Mastered Project Management?

August 14, 2013

project management free quiz

Managing a project means managing all the factors that come into play during the 5 phases of the project life cycle–scope, risk, quality, time, and cost, to name a few. Take this 5 question quiz to determine what project management skills you’ve mastered and which need work.

1. A project you are managing is a few days behind schedule. You:


Question 1 of 5

2. To manage risks when planning a project, you:


Question 2 of 5

3. When considering costs for a week-long vacation, you:


Question 3 of 5

4. You measure a project’s success by whether or not it:


Question 4 of 5

5. To determine a project’s scope, you:


Question 5 of 5


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