AMA Quiz: What’s Your Management Style?

July 31, 2013

As you think back on your past managers, you have probably had good managers along with some that were maybe not so great. Knowing your management style, along with its flaws and strengths can help build your leadership skills while creating valuable long-term relationships. Take this brief, 5 question quiz from AMA and discover your management style.

What’s Your Management Style?

1. When you were in school, you:


Question 1 of 5

2. In a company meeting that you are going to be leading, you plan on:


Question 2 of 5

3. You witness a public disturbance going on outside your job, you choose to:


Question 3 of 5

4. After a group discussion with your colleagues, you have final say over the decision. What is your next step?


Question 4 of 5

5. A good day at work would consist of:


Question 5 of 5


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AMA Quiz: What’s Your Management Style?

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About The Author

Paul Salandy is a student at NYU Stern School of Business, double majoring in Marketing and Management with a minor in Media, Culture, and Communications.


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    Thank you, your quiz on management style re-confirmed what I knew was true. Thanks for the easy approach to understanding. Sandy

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    Management Styles Questionaire

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    Nice and short quiz

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    […] Harvard Business Review Leadership IQ American Management Association […]

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    The Transparent Visionary sounds like an accurate description of how I interact with employees.

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    Nice quiz.

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    I found the quiz very interesting and fairly accurate. What I really enjoyed most, is the thought I had to put into the fairly simple questions.

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    Great short quiz, I got The Collaborative Affiliate! Scored 11.

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