AMA Research: Are Women Held to Higher Standards?

April 3, 2015

women executives held to higher standards

What does it take to break through the glass ceiling? American Management Association, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to transforming talent in the workplace, dug deeper into the backgrounds of 2014 Fortune 500 CEOs to find out.

AMA dug deep into the backgrounds of Fortune 500 CEOs to uncover some of the inequalities between men and women. One particular finding showed that in the small but crucial population of CEOs, women appear to be systematically more qualified than their male counterparts.

This was confirmed in one particular instance of the study, which found that women Fortune 500 CEOs have more rigorous academic degrees, as evidenced by the following:

  • 36% of female versus 28% of male Fortune 500 CEOs hold undergraduate degrees in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics (STEM).
  • The average undergraduate school ranking is 163.5 for female versus 167.2 for male Fortune 500 CEOs (based on 2014 Forbes rankings).
  • The average graduate school ranking is 18.1 for female versus 20.7 for male Fortune 500 CEOs (based on 2014 US News & World Report rankings).

All of these statistics indicate that women are held to different standards.



Want to learn more about gender inequality in the workplace? Click here to download the full report.


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    Could it be that women are outperforming their male counterparts in academia because women feel they need the degree to compete with men who perhaps do not necessarily need a degree to obtain and maintain successful career tracks simply because he is male?

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