AMA Talent Management Strategy Series: Talent Acquisition

November 6, 2017

Talent management strategy

It’s important for every organization to have a clearly defined talent management strategy. As shown in the AMA Talent Management model below, this strategy incorporates seven elements of talent management—from talent acquisition through retention/transition.

Talent acquisition: Strategies for recruiting the right talent

Talent management starts before an employee is hired with a focus on effective talent acquisition. Acquiring the right talent is critical for both the employee and the organization. Making sure there is a cultural fit with potential new hires is the first step in your talent strategy.

How do you know whether a candidate is a good cultural fit with your organization?

Certainly, you can incorporate cultural fit questions into your interviewing process. But that approach is subjective. It’s difficult to get objective data on fit through interviews.

A better way is to use predictive assessments as part of your recruitment strategies. AMA’s predictive assessment will provide the following data on a potential employee:

  • Success on the job
  • Quality of relationships with others
  • Limitations and derailers for success
  • Personal fulfillment

Predictive assessments focus on both the employee’s and the employer’s needs. They measure the degree to which mutual needs will be met, resulting in higher levels of employee engagement, retention, and success in the role.

            AMA Talent Management Model

talent management strategy


This article is the first in a series on talent management that will help you think through your own talent management strategy. The next blog will focus on talent alignment.

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