Analytical Skills Quiz: Which Thinker Are You?

June 24, 2013

analytical skills

What are analytical skills and what do they mean for your future? With the rise of big data, analytical skills are becoming increasingly important, yet companies are struggling to find people who have the right set of skills–people who are able to problem-solve.  You’d like to specialize in analytical skills that will get you that future job, but what kind of thinker are you? Take this brief free quiz:

1. When buying a new phone you lean toward:

2. Your best friend would say:

3. When watching a movie, you’re most likely to talk later about:

4. When you were in school you:

5. In meetings you:




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Christina Parisi is Director of Digital Content at the American Management Association. Previously she was an Executive Editor at AMACOM Books and the Director of AMA Self-Studies.


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    […] AMA Quiz: Which Thinker Are You? […]

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    […] AMA Quiz: Which Thinker Are You? […]

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    […] AMA Quiz: Which Thinker Are You? […]

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    Hi Matt, Your answer should have popped up a longer explanation. Basically it means you’re good with math and calculating numbers.

  5. avatar

    What exactly does it mean when it says im a number cruncher?

  6. avatar

    Congratulations! You’re one of the lucky people who have both sets of skills.

  7. avatar

    It says I’m a number cruncher? Really…? I’m an artist and I also sell my work. I think that’s a stretch

  8. avatar

    One does not need to be good at math to be a good computer programmer; programming does require a good sense of logic, however.

  9. avatar

    Well, I got data analyst. Seeing relationships where others see chaos. That sounds a lot like me. Too bad interviewers do not see it. I might be working in a real profession!

  10. avatar

    I got number cruncher, I guess it’s because I bought the cheap phone but it fits my needs being poor and all. Alas, if only I could afford to be visionary.

  11. avatar


  12. avatar

    I got data analyst. I’m an attorney, so that fits.

  13. avatar

    I just took the quiz and the results stated I am a Number cruncher. I am an accountant for the state and I have been in accounting for many years.

  14. avatar

    the best part of this test is the comments. people are complaining that it was a waste of time? I took it because I had time to waste.

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  16. avatar

    You people know that there seem to be only 3 possible answers…. I did the quiz multiple times with random answers… BTW my names not Bob and the email wont work…

  17. avatar

    Another quiz where I could not answer the questions. The questions assume IF A, then not B and C; when my preferred response was usually a blend of the answers. The quiz reeks and portrays stereotypes.

  18. avatar

    I am an auditor and got data analyst. You think? But then again there were two questions I would answer in two different way depending on the need and the situation.

  19. avatar

    I suspect the response would be the same for a number of different responses. There are not enough questions to effectively gauge an applicant’s analytical skills and the possible answers within each question are not comprehensive enough to analyze.

  20. avatar

    Ok, where ate the results? Easy answers, and yes, I avoided the Math like the terrible plague also in School. Still don’t regret that decision, have an advanced inexpensive calculator and let my fingers do the button pushing and eyes and brain to see the perfect detailed answer on the small screen. Yes I can count and add and subtract and multiply and divide also. Ha, beat those bongos will ya? Like Mr. Terril uses to say in Biology Class in High School. uhh, back table, Ill swoop down on you like a large prediterial bird if you don’t shut up and listen now.

  21. avatar

    This is a quiz about how we gauge information and yet it is ludicrously oversimplified. Any data analyst, number cruncher, or anything else in this list would know better than to try to make an assessment like this off of a sample size and quality like that.

  22. avatar

    What! Not one question about squirrels?

  23. avatar

    Not one question about squirrels,dang

  24. avatar

    I’m sure it’s not very scientific…looking at the comments, I don’t see very many ‘visionaries.’ Is there something wrong with me, haha?

    The question about visionaries vs. ‘critical thinkers’ reminds me of an interesting article by David Orr called ‘Verbicide.’ It’s primarily about the use of language, but it addresses the decline of language skill, and how the realm of the generalist (visionary) has suffered; as a result, Orr contends that society is losing the ability to separate ends from means…and as I get older, I see evidence of this myself, in everything from politics to the workplace. But then again, I’m supposed to be a visionary, haha.

  25. avatar

    I’m a number cruncher! But it was good – I am a details person.

  26. avatar

    I got “Visionary.” I’m in Management, so, yes, I agree.

  27. avatar

    Said I was a data analyst.
    Made sense to me.
    Hey everyone take the brain teaser.
    I got 10 of 10.
    Glory to GOD and his will!!!

  28. avatar

    I do not know what to write.

  29. avatar

    Oddly enough I’m a data analyst and the quiz results have me as a….Data Analyst! Who would have thought?! I’m glad that this simple 20 second quiz confirmed my career path/choice for me 🙂

  30. avatar

    I am a retired detective (21 years) who now works in computer programmer. Quiz says i am a data analyst, right on the money.

  31. avatar

    Took test twice with slightly different answers because two answers applied. I came out a numbers cruncher both times. I was an intelligence analyst and linguist for many years. Now I r a teacher.

  32. avatar

    Pointless…Yet I took the quiz and read 36 comments.

  33. avatar

    As a computer programmer for the last 23 years I was happy to see Data Analyst.

  34. avatar

    What am I supposed to write here?

  35. avatar

    I have no idea what this box is for. Not a good sign for a management website – must be a democrat.

  36. avatar

    no comment

  37. avatar


  38. avatar

    I am 90 yrs young -test says I am a Data Analist— by the Grace of God!

  39. avatar


  40. avatar


  41. avatar

    Results show that i’m a data analyst. I work as an accountant. Career change?

  42. avatar

    I can’t take the quiz because of this annoying survey box that is trolling for my email.

  43. avatar

    This quiz is nonsense. I needed to chooose more than 1 question, which were misleading. The bottom line is I am far from a number cruncher.

  44. avatar


    Lets put our heads together and figure out what the score of 17 means. I haven’t a clue and don’t care to research any further.

  45. avatar

    I own my own bookkeeping company, I guess I am A number cruncher

  46. avatar

    Pretty accurate as I am a Quality Assurance engineer and data analysis is a large part of my job.

  47. avatar

    Pretty accurate, I’m a Quality Assurance Engineer and data analysis is a large part of my job.

  48. avatar

    OK, so you need to add “Democrat”, for people who think two or more of the answers are correct (per bt3of4’s answer) and “Curmudgeon”, for Tom (none of the answers are what he would choose).
    “There are two kinds of people: those who divide people in to two kinds, and those who do not.” -?

  49. avatar

    It was right on. Number cruncher. I was in information systems/application development before retiring working with financial systems. I like to have everything balance to the penny, however I have never had any training in accounting.

  50. avatar

    As usual for Yahoo internet time-wasters, the questions were pretty hokie to say the very least. Yes, I think I’m somewhat analytical: I have a degree in English and a degree in Civil Engineering. (By the way, I did not find or understand what a score of “eleven” means nor did I find anything that shows the scale on which the score is placed.)
    Since this is a career analysis website it should be noted that I made more money repairing cars than I ever did as a high school English teacher. I have absolutely no sympathy for these heavily indebted college graduates who took asinine majors in everything from marine biology to women’s studies and then can not find work. All majors in college are fun but some majors have listings in the yellow pages of the telephone directory.
    The yellow-page majors are the ones associated with good jobs! Check what I’ve said in your yellow page phone directory. I will bet dollars to donuts that there are no listings for Latino Studies but there will be a few listings for civil engineers and general engineering contractors.
    Have fun,
    Ricardo Clark

  51. avatar

    I wonder how likely it is that my observations will make it through moderation?

  52. avatar

    Hi Juan,
    Actually, there are three possible answers. Data Analyst, Number Cruncher, and Visionary. The answers are randomized, so if you are just clicking through randomly you may be choosing the same answers without realizing it. I just took it, to make sure there wasn’t an error in the program, three times in a row choosing different answers and got different results.

  53. avatar

    There seems to be no way to answer these questions and not be someone who would make a great Data Analyst. Hmmm … maybe the fact that I tried makes me a great candidate! :>)

  54. avatar

    None of these questions have the answer I’d give as a choice. For instance, when I’m in a meeting, I’m thinking about the useful work I could be doing instead of being stuck in yet another pointless meeting.

  55. avatar

    Says I would make a great Data Analyst. Now I am a systems analyst. Career change? hmmmmmmmmmm

  56. avatar

    I know may qualities are most reflective of being a data analyst, as reflected in the article co-wrote in the online Government CIO magazine –

  57. avatar

    I thought there were 10 questions, LOL

  58. avatar

    if you could not decide on one of the answers without thinking too hard, then I would think you’re more an indecisive type…. and that’s not bad.. I mean if I go into a bakery and see a wonderful lemon tart, then smell chocolate, then see someone eating berries and whipped topping — ? my decision would be – get all three.

  59. avatar

    It seems to me that I have been led to yet another page that would ultimately lead me to yet another page that will try to sell me something. My curiosity has taken me on yet another trip to,and through,yet another con game. I love this Country.

  60. avatar

    So weird. I worked for a Data Analysis company years ago. I did love it but they didn’t pay enough. I might have to take a fresh look at it b/c I think I could be happier.

  61. avatar

    I have noticed only the data analysts ask this question.

  62. avatar

    Scored a 13? Out of what! How can anyone analyze that?

  63. avatar

    I’m 83 yr old. Thanks for encouraging me! I still have a functioning brain! HALLELUJAH!

  64. avatar

    Says I am a data analyst. But,
    with other questions…I would have
    come out as a thinker who even as a
    child was a problem solver and never
    knew there was a ‘box’ type.

  65. avatar

    I’m a Data Analyst too. Good thing… I’m and HRMS (HRIS) Analyst..

  66. avatar

    No Cathleen, you sound democrat.

  67. avatar


  68. avatar

    It says I would make a great Data Analyst. That’s good, because I already am a Data Analyst!

  69. avatar

    Good short assessment query

  70. avatar

    Cathleen, I had the same issue.

  71. avatar

    Tried to answer these questions, but had two of them either had no answers that were accurate for me, OR one had TWO answers that were equally accurate.

    Do I sound analytical? Cathleen O.

  72. avatar

    Good quiz

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