Do Generational Differences Cross Boundaries?

November 29, 2013


Generations are often defined culturally, but are there generational difference that cross cultural boundaries? Has the globalization of media created a truly international generation? Find out what generational expert Brad Karsh, coauthor of Manager 3.0,  has to say.

Due to technology and the Internet, millennials across the world have had the greatest amount of shared experiences, making them one of the most similar generations.  Studies show that regardless of nationality, millennials want meaningful jobs, flexible working conditions, a strong connection to their teams, and recognition/appreciation.  Millennials across the world have been described as tech-savvy, a little impatient, pressured, optimistic, and collaborative.

Now of course, there are important differences in millennials from country to country.  For example, millennials in India may place a greater importance on money and financial reward than millennials in other countries, since they are experiencing India’s first economic boom.  Millennials in China may be more pressured than millennials in other countries due to family planning laws and the emphasis that parents put on their one child to succeed.  There are important cultural and societal shifts that all managers must be aware of when working with millennials, and it’s important to get to know every member of your team so you can motivate, engage, and lead each individual effectively.

Find out what generational expert Haydn Shaw has to say about whether generational differences cross international boundaries.

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