how to have a good relationship with the media

10 Things To Avoid Doing To The Media

By | Posted Apr 24, 2014

As a former journalist, in print and television, mostly on the business beat, I suggest these inside scoops if you […]

use your voice to project power

Voices Carry More than Words

By | Posted Apr 10, 2014

When I started my first job as a TV reporter, my skills as a narrator left a lot to be […]

how to get referrals

Where Do Referrals Really Come From?

By | Posted Jan 13, 2014

Savvy self-employed professionals know that referrals are the best way to land new clients. But getting those referrals can sometimes […]

career woman

20 Things Every Career Woman Must Know

By | Posted Oct 1, 2013

These are 20 things that are essential for the leading career woman to know within operating in their respective career […]

how to network

AMA Quiz: Do You Know How to Network?

By | Posted Jul 8, 2013 | 4 Comments

Knowing how to network just might be the most important skill in business. Networking isn’t just for people looking for […]

networking with authenticity

Authenticity: 4 Steps to Unlocking the Power of Networking

By | Posted Apr 25, 2013

Networking can be stressful, unless you realize that being authentic is the key to creating a network that will boost your career. How can you incorporate authenticity into the way you network? Here are four tips on networking with authenticity:

networking tips for women

6 Networking Tips for Women

By | Posted Apr 17, 2013

Networking is critical for anyone’s success. But according to Kathryn Mayer, a leading professional coach, networking can be difficult for women because they tend to focus on building a small, but tight-knit network and not on strategically building business networks. To counter that trend, here are 6 networking tips for women.

networking at the water cooler

10 Ways to Build a Network at Your New Job

By | Posted Apr 16, 2013 | 1 Comment

Got a new job? Get networking right away! It may take you as many as six months to feel that you are in control of your job. When your orientation takes that long, your organization loses the ability to tap into your creativity, knowledge, new perspectives, expertise, industry contacts, and fresh ideas. Networking can help with all of that.

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