AT3™: Assess, Develop, Improve.

March 3, 2015

at3: AMA Talent Transformation Tool

American Management Association has developed a new talent assessment called AMA Talent Transformation Tool (AT3™). AT3™ can help individuals and organizations gain key leadership insights. The reliable results you’ll receive are based on a competency model that has evolved with market needs over our 90-plus year history in experiential adult learning.

The assessment takes 5 minutes or less, and can quickly gauge your talent and skills across 37 core competencies spanning Professional Effectiveness, Leadership, and Business Acumen. The results will give a comprehensive and detailed assessment of your key strengths and areas of opportunity for development, as well as provide complimentary resources.

Each core competency can be benchmarked against others in your company and industry, displaying valuable insights into how you stack up against coworkers and your competition. In addition, the AT3™ will provide immediate actionable advice and best practices to improve productivity, engagement, and retention. And did we mention that the tool is accessible through both desktop and mobile platforms? So you can assess your skills from anywhere at any time!

Learning and improving is key for any individual’s career growth. Being able to improve on your weaknesses as well as your strengths is great, but knowing the difference between the two is imperative. In the article, Using Your Personal ROI to Get Ahead by Laura Stack, she touches on the notion of Personal Return on Investment (PROI), which is the investment potential that you as an employee can offer an organization. Continuous training and education is one way to constantly improve your skills and increase PROI. The complimentary AT3™  can be the first step to improving PROI by measuring where you currently stand and where you can go!

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The AT3™ is one of many ways to improve your organization's performance. Learn valuable management skills with these AMA resources and seminars.

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Scott Dinner is a member of the Marketing department at American Management Association. He is currently obtaining his MBA in Marketing and Strategic Management from Pace University in New York. Scott graduated from the University at Buffalo with a BS in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing. Before returning to school to complete his MBA, Scott held positions at Yext (an online marketing company) and GEICO Insurance.

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