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Annie Viets, EdD, grew up in West Africa in an ex-pat family and has had a long career in international business with American and foreign-owned companies. She is currently on the faculty of Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia where she teaches, consults, and pursues research in international human resource management and entrepreneurship. She is one of the editors of Handbook for Strategic HR: Best Practices in Organizational Development from the OD Network.


Welcome Home! 7 Tips for Successful Repatriation

By | Posted Aug 29, 2014

“Living in this country will change you so profoundly; you will never see your world in the same way.” Such […]

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7 New Competencies for a Competent HR Department

By | Posted May 7, 2014

I will never forget the time I complained to a colleague at a US company that all of our domestic […]