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Bonnie is CEO of Executive Development Associates. EDA is a 29-year-old internationally known boutique consulting firm in custom executive development. In addition to leading the firm, Hagemann has a unique background and expertise developing leaders. She specializes in executive development, executive coaching and high potential development. To date, Hagemann has conducted coaching programs for over 65 leaders in medium and large organizations including 7 organizational presidents. She has delivered over 250 presentations and speeches on leadership, teambuilding, communication, conflict, and behavior. She has 11 published works, is co-author of the 2010 book, Decades of Difference: Making it Work, on the shifting workforce demographics and their impact on leadership. Her contact info is Her co-author is Saundra Stroope. Saundra is a Human Resources Manager at Intermountain Healthcare with 20 years of experience creating HR and development solutions that align with business strategy and achieve results in a variety of industries (healthcare, aerospace, defense, mining, energy, telecommunications) at award winning, global and Fortune 500 companies. Saundra has published 14 works in publications such as T&D Magazine, Leadership Excellence, the Pfeiffer Training/Consulting Annuals and a chapter in a book "Talent Management Scorecards" to be released in 2013 by ASTD Press. Her education includes a Master’s degree in HR Management, Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, PHR certification and several coaching and training/development certifications.


Visionary Leadership: The Hope of the World

By | Posted Oct 29, 2014

Abraham Lincoln. Mahatma Gandhi. Nelson Mandela. Three people in history who changed the course of human history and are still revered today. They are also part of an elite class of thinkers referred to as visionaries. Their visions inspired millions of people to act together for the greater good. In today’s world, it may be harder to find these visionary leaders. Bonnie Hagemann and Saundra Stroope examine modern day visionaries and offer 5 ways that you can develop your visionary leadership.