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Professor Jay Friedlander has spent over a decade working in and with sustainable companies and is the Sharpe-McNally Chair of Green and Socially Responsible Business at College of the Atlantic (COA) in Bar Harbor, Maine. COA has been repeatedly cited as a leader in sustainability and Jay’s work has been covered in Fast Company, Princeton Review, CNN, Chronicle of Higher Education, Entrepreneur, Money, and Fortune amongst other media. Jay has been a frequent presenter at conferences in the United States, as well as New Zealand, Australia, and the European Union on sustainability, enterprise and innovation. Jay can be reached at


Strategic Sustainability: Creating Abundance

By | Posted Nov 12, 2014 | 2 Comments

Are you worried about your business being overtaken by competitors? If you are not keeping ahead of the curve, you should be. Many companies fail to properly assess the future possibilities for growth, and as a result they never reach their potential. Professor Jay Friedlander introduces a strategic sustainability model called the Abundance Cycle TM which can help. See how you can implement this model to maintain perspective and maintain financial success.