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Juliane Parsons, a Director at ARRYVE, is a transformation leader with expertise across enterprise, middle-market, and start-up businesses in the technology, gaming, manufacturing, and distribution industries. She has a proven track record of defining key strategic factors for success, executing complex business initiatives, and delivering substantial revenue, productivity and quality improvements. Highly respected and effective at leading diverse and cross-functional teams, Juliane is also passionate about building high-performance organizations.


change isn't equal

Not All Change Is Created Equal

By | Posted Jun 24, 2015

Is your organization prepared to change and adapt with the times? Staying ahead of the game is crucial to sustained success, and that can only happen if you understand how change is not always created equal. Juliane Parsons explains the various types of change and why you need to understand the differences.

innovators and change

An Innovator’s Approach to Change: Getting Your Team Onboard

By | Posted May 15, 2015

Are your employees resisting the change you feel could jump start your organization? Change is difficult, but it is up to you to inspire your team to grow together. See what Juliane Parsons says is the best way to get your team onboard with change by taking an innovative approach.