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Keli Trejo spent the first phase of her career in corporate HR roles, and is darn proud of those HR roots. Today, she brings over 20 years of that HR experience to her role as an Executive Coach and Consultant. Keli specializes in building client awareness around the impact of their behavior on organization dynamics, and developing behaviors that lead to greater individual and organizational success. Keli established her coaching practice, Executive Launch and Reboot, to help leaders who were recently promoted or hired as they assimilate to expectations and culture in their new role or company. You can find her online at Maya Townsend went from hiding in the corner at networking events to leading a company (Partnering Resources) that helps individuals, teams, and organizations thrive in our networked world. Using the science underlying human relationships and networks, she uncovers sound, practical methods for making soft skills generate hard results. Co-editor of The Handbook for Strategic HR, she'll happily tell you why you should throw out your performance reviews and why most HR departments need a complete makeover.


Can You Trust HR?

By | Posted Nov 4, 2014 | 2 Comments

When you have a problem at home, who do you turn to? Preferably, there is someone you can trust to confide your issues or troubles in. At work, the first place we turn to for help is often HR, but can you really trust them? Keli Trejo and Maya Townsend explain why your HR department is the best place to turn in times of crisis, and offer advice on how to build a trusting relationship with your HR partner to create a safe environment of free speech.