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Lauri Sowa has over 30 years of experience in finance, analysis, and administration. President of WiseOwlOps, Inc., she assists owners and senior management in increasing their effectiveness. Her clients have included Emerson Electric, Lockheed Martin, John Deere, Pacific Gas & Electric, the United States Department of Defense, Mitsui, Wells Fargo Bank, the United States Air Force, and numerous mid-sized businesses where she also serves as an internal consultant.


how to use social media

AMA Answers: How Do You Use Social Media in Business?

By | Posted Jun 12, 2013

Our faculty member, Laurie Sowa, often gets asked how to use social media effectively in business. Here’s Laurie’s answer: Social media has created a new trend in communication. Rather than a one-directional broadcast approach, it has created a new dimension of interaction and engagement. Social Media is about connecting with our customers and building brand awareness along the way.