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Megan Ritter is an online business journalist with a background in marketing and telecommunications. In addition to researching how social media impacts different industries and business processes, her writing also covers virtual technology, globalization, and reputation management.


What Does Your Career Tenure Say About You?

By | Posted Nov 27, 2014 | 1 Comment

Do you tend to switch from job to job on a regular basis? Have you been at the same company for years? An important question to ask is how your career tenure is impacting your future employment opportunities. Megan Ritter analyzed recent research data and found some interesting trends that could help you decide whether to keep plugging along at your company, or bolt for greener pastures.

The Role of Social Media in the HR Recruitment Process

By | Posted Oct 10, 2014 | 1 Comment

The Role of Social Media in the HR Recruitment Process Does your company have a LinkedIn profile? How about a Twitter or Facebook page? If not, you are not fully utilizing the growing resource that social media provides both employers and employees. The number of businesses using social media to recruit potential employees is growing, and workers are adapting to the new technology in their job searches. Megan Ritter explains how human resource departments are using social media to attract potential employment candidates and how the job market is changing because of it.