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Paul Dobek is a Program Director for Citi, where he oversees multiple technology initiatives and has been leading projects since 2004. He specializes in delivering large-scale strategic platforms that impact people, process and technology on a global scale. He holds an MBA from NYU majoring in Finance and Economics. In his spare time, Paul enjoys running, yoga, writing (code and short stories) and relaxing with his family. You can find Paul on LinkedIn at


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Project Managers: Quarterbacking Through the Issues

By | Posted Jan 30, 2015 | 1 Comment

What is the primary function of a quarterback? They have to direct the team, get everyone ready and make adjustments on the fly. A project manager acts in the same way. Paul Dobek explains why a quarterback and a project manager are so similar, and how you can use quarterbacking to your advantage. See his three-step approach to work through the issues and work as a team.