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Richard A. Luecke (Salem, MA) is a freelance business writer and publishing executive whose articles have been published by Oxford University Press, John Wiley & Sons, and Harvard Business School Press. He has negotiated over one hundred contracts with individuals, businesses, and non-business institutions. He is the author of The Manager’s Toolkit and The Entrepreneur’s Toolkit. James G. Patterson (Tuscon, AZ) is a training consultant who has taught leadership and communication skills for the U.S. Army Military Intelligence School.


Woman analyzing data to determine reserve price

Why reserve price is crucial to negotiation

By | Posted Mar 2, 2013

Have you ever bought or sold anything on eBay, the online auction site? If you have, you’ve encountered the term reserve price, which is the lowest price the seller will accept for an item—it is the dollar amount below which the seller will walk away

How to Negotiate a Job

By | Posted Mar 1, 2013

Before negotiating, make sure you have a BATNA–a practical alternative to the deal. Alternatives make it possible for a negotiator to say, “If this negotiation fails to produce what I need, I can always do…”

Negotiation Tactics: 4 Crucial Steps to Prepare for Negotiation

By | Posted Jan 22, 2013 | 1 Comment

Buff up your negotiation skills with strategy. Here are four negotiation tactics from How to Become a Better Negotiator, Second Edition by Richard A. Luecke and James G. Patterson.