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Tom Rose is an outcome-oriented HR leader who drives for the achievement of business objectives by leveraging talent management and organizational effectiveness. He is the author Managing at the Leading Edge (McGraw-Hill, 2017).


Building resilience and agility

Designing Work Processes to Increase Resilience and Agility

By | Posted Apr 19, 2019

In today’s environment, companies need to manage frequent changes in customer needs and the business impacts those shifting needs create. […]

Customer-focused innovation

Close 2 Gaps to Increase Customer-Focused Innovation

By | Posted Apr 2, 2019

Customer focus has always been an important source of business success, but it creates special advantages in today’s environment of […]

High-character team

Build the Character of Your Team to Meet Today’s Challenges

By | Posted Jan 9, 2018

Achieving results through teams and networks of teams—both permanent and temporary ones—is essential in today’s rapidly evolving digital world of […]