Listen To The Best Career Advice Of Thought Leaders In AMA’s Video Series

March 13, 2017

Best career advice

If you’re a new manager seeking career advice from senior leaders, you might not expect to hear that a business leader must “love people.” But that’s just one of the many insights found in AMA’s “Sound Advice” videos. This video series asks thought leaders and business professionals to offer their best piece of career advice to people stepping into leadership roles.

The more than two dozen videos offer a range of career-building advice—about the importance of lifelong learning and self-improvement, the value of being authentic, the need for discipline in allocating your time, and more.

One of the more illuminating threads in the series is the idea that managers must connect with and care about other people to succeed. You’ll hear advice to build relationships, to bond with others, and to focus on the well-being and success of your team.

Here’s a sampling of “Sound Advice” videos:



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