Contest: The Worst Email Ever

November 18, 2013

contest for worst email ever

Think you’ve received the worst email ever written? Find out! We’re on a quest to find the absolute worst email ever written in a business setting. Maybe it was obtuse…maybe the tone was unbelievably inappropriate…maybe it was something obviously sent to the wrong person or so riddled with mistakes it was unintelligible.

One of my personal favorites was an email that simply said: Can you send me your email address? And then, of course, there was the 6-page email in all caps arguing with things I had “said” when I had never actually met or spoken to the person.

What’s your favorite?

To enter our contest, simply cut and paste the email entry into the comments feature below. Shy? Then at least vote on the one you think should win.

Here are some additional rules:

  1. It must be a real email. Naturally we’re using the honor system. C’mon folks—we know there are enough real Doozy’s out there. You don’t need to invent one.
  2. Omit any identifying information—no naming the guilty, in fact no names at all including no company names. We wouldn’t want to get anyone in trouble.
  3. Along those lines, don’t include your real name on your response either. Create a fake name for the purposes of this exercise.
  4. No cussing or lewd responses. You may indicate cussing with the first letter of said cussword, but please keep it clean.
  5. You can’t sue us. Ever. (Obviously this is a public forum and you are responsible for what you post. AMA cannot be held liable for your responses for any reason. If in doubt, don’t post.)

The winner will receive a free AMA Xpress Learning package worth $499.

Emails don’t have to be that outrageous to slow you down. Even avoiding common mistakes and following basic email etiquette can really make a difference in overall productivity. Imagine, for example, if everyone took the time to change the subject line to reflect the content of an email instead of just hitting reply. That one simple tip can really cut down the time needed to track down an email.

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