Day-by-Day Guide to Effective Lead Nurturing

February 23, 2015

Developing a lead-nurturing strategy may seem overwhelming at first. Fortunately, there is a way that you can break down the process into daily to-do lists that will make your strategy as streamlined and effective as possible.

Day 1

Day one involves receiving information about a new lead. In order to capitalize on this information, it is recommended to reach out to the prospect within five minutes. If your call results in contact, your next steps include determining qualification, connecting on platforms like LinkedIn, and converting your lead to a contact. This quick and easy process will allow you to not only create a strong relationship with the prospect, but will open doors for you to reach out to other prospects in the hopes of finding another highly-qualified contact.

Unfortunately, your prospective lead may not answer your first call. When addressing this outcome, it is important to remain diligent in your efforts. There are several ways to follow up with the prospect, including sending a LinkedIn request, leaving a voicemail after your first call, and emailing the contact regarding the voicemail you have left. Once these efforts have been completed, it is vital to continue calling the prospect on the first day. It is recommended that two more calls are made — one in the early afternoon and one towards the end of the business day. It is important to record every day one effort so you can keep track of your progress.

Day 2

If you have not gotten in contact with the prospect by the beginning of day two, the first thing to do is make another call. If this call does not result in contact, you can repeat the steps of leaving a voicemail and sending an email referencing your voicemail. Overall, three calls should be made on day two. You can enhance your strategic efforts by spacing out the calls into morning, midday, and afternoon. All activities should be logged in case further outreach is required.

Day 3

Day three may once again feature a lack of contact from the prospective lead. In order to give your prospect a chance to get in contact with you, it is important to make sure you call three more times. Day three’s calls should also be spread out into three separate portions of the day. The first missed call will result in a voicemail and email, while the other two calls will not. Your day three efforts should be noted so you can make references as you move towards day four.

Day 4 – Conversion

Instead of allowing your lead-nurturing efforts to become tiring, day four marks the beginning of different strategic efforts. After day three, you can begin to cut down on the amount of calls you are making and emails you are sending. One to two calls and one to two emails every week is ideal. Since you are ultimately searching for a great connection with a qualified lead, it is vital to maintain your outreach efforts without being bothersome. If you are unsure if your outreach efforts are enough, you can encourage marketing to send nurture emails. All of these efforts are key to ensuring eventual follow-up that will hopefully lead to a great connection.

Creating a timeline such as the one outlined above is instrumental to making your lead-nurturing efforts strategic and effective. While some prospects may answer your call on the first try, ensuring that you can create quality relationships with qualified leads after day two, three, or beyond can be achieved by developing well-defined day-by-day outreach efforts.

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