Eight Ways To Improve Your Email Marketing Results

October 24, 2013

email marketing

3 – Let subscribers know what to expect when they sign up .

Your target audience is more likely to give you their email address if they know what you will and won’t be doing with it. Will you be using the list to announce new products or sending out discounts and special offers to your subscribers?  Or will they be getting regular emails that are educational or entertaining?  Will you be sending out an email once a month? Or once a day?  The person who thought you would be sending them industry updates, will unsubscribe if you barrage them with ads.

4 – Write compelling subject lines

You’re email marketing message is one of hundreds of email messages that hit your subscribers’ inboxes each week. To get your email opened and read, you need a compelling subject line – one that appeals to the recipient’s self interests, not yours. You may be pleased that you will start manufacturing fashionable leather handbags with storage space for a tablet computer, and it may be something retailers want,  but few will open your email if the subject line reads “MiLady Manufacturing Announces New Product Line”

Encourage recipients to open your emails by using short, action-oriented headlines that promise a benefit or solution to a problem.

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