Eight Ways To Improve Your Email Marketing Results

October 24, 2013

email marketing

7 – Divide and Conquer

Unless you have a small or very niche list, don’t blast out the same email to everyone on your master mailing list. The small business with 1 or two employees is going to have different accounting needs and interests than the small business that has 20 employees. The avid skier may have no interest in the snowboards you’re putting on special next week but may want boots for extreme skiing.  You’ll get better open rates and  responses  from your email marketing efforts by sending appropriate material to each group. You can ask people to indicate their preferences when they sign up for your email list. Other options might be to segment your main list products purchased, or by the number of communications you’ve sent to the particular customer

8 – Encourage Readers to Share Your Emails

Many businesses find that their top sources of new business are referrals and word-of-mouth.  Encourage your email readers to spread the word by making it easy to share your email.  Social media buttons, and forward to a friend links let subscribers “tell” their friends about you with a click of the mouse  or the touch of an on-screen button. And, don’t forget to include a link to subscribe to your newsletter in the newsletter itself. That will make it easy for people who receive the forwarded email to add themselves to your mailing list.

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