Do Employee Skills Sync With Company Goals? AMA Survey Says No.

June 1, 2016

employee skills

More than a third of talent development professionals say employee skills don’t align with their organization’s needs, a new AMA survey reveals. Even more alarming, the survey indicates that more than 42% of talent development professionals say their companies don’t do a good job of retaining top talent.

AMA surveyed over 200 attendees at the 2016  ATD (Association of Talent Development) International Conference and Exposition, the largest event for talent professionals worldwide, in Denver, CO from May 22-25.

The survey also reveals that a whopping 56.6% of talent development professionals don’t use analytics to measure talent development within their organizations.

More findings from the survey:

–49.3% of attendees say their organizations don’t regularly assess the knowledge and skills of their employees

–50.3% of talent development professionals say they don’t have the right job descriptions in place

–49.3% of talent development professionals say their employees’ skills don’t match their organization’s needs

–43.8% of attendees say their organization isn’t doing a good job of retaining top talent

What can be done to help talent and development professionals better align employee skills with company goals? How can talent development leaders hold onto the superstars in their organizations? To help answer these questions, AMA presents a holistic approach to talent development, management, and retention.  We offer you solutions at every stage of the talent development cycle, to help ensure that an organization’s talent is prepared to achieve its strategic business goals.

“Whether an organization is looking to hire and onboard new employees, write new job descriptions and profiles, assess and develop talent, or create a retention and transition strategy, AMA can offer talent solutions to meet your specific near and long term business goals,” said Nick Igneri, VP of Education at AMA.


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