Feeling Unproductive at Work? Take Charge of Your Performance

June 6, 2016

Maybe your productivity this past year wasn’t at the level you or your company expected. Maybe you continue to let distractions keep you from focusing on the task at hand and getting yourself back on track.

When your performance fails to meet expectations, it’s easy to throw up your hands or blame your woes on other people and circumstances beyond your control.

But that leads nowhere.

Be the CEO of Your Life

My own accomplishments in life and in business came from engaging what I call the “Four Pillars” – physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional energy – so all aspects of life work in harmony. In order to grow each of these pillars in all areas of your life, you need to be resilient, adaptable, willing to risk intelligently, and ready to do the things that make a difference in the lives of others.

The people who are most successful don’t let events outside their control define their self worth. They know they might fail, but failure doesn’t dominate their thoughts. Learning how to win does. If you want to change the path your life is on, it’s going to take guts, belief, audacity, self-confidence, and a willingness to do so.

Give Yourself a Boost

Put yourself on the path to better productivity and a more focused performance by following these three tips:

• Don’t compare yourself to others. Many people look to someone who is successful, and they gauge how they measure up to that person. But comparing yourself to others can lead to frustration, anger, and disappointment – the opposite of harmony. Instead, be your own measuring stick. Work today to be better than you were yesterday, and vow that you are going to become even better tomorrow.
• Avoid the “I can’t” attitude. People come up with lots of reasons to avoid taking risks and making changes. They will say things like: “I can’t do this.” “I don’t know enough.” “It’s too hard.” “I’m too old.” “I’m not experienced enough.” “It’s too late.” The list goes on. If such thoughts rule your decisions, fear wins out before the game even gets started. Ignore those doubts and concentrate on the reasons why you can accomplish your goals – not the reasons why you can’t.
• Build your value through learning. Every day provides an opportunity to learn something that you can apply to maintain your status as the CEO of your life. Much of that learning you can do on your own without the need for a teacher. But it also pays to look for mentors or allies who can assist you with the learning materials or knowledge that can help.

This advice sounds pretty serious, I’ll admit, but here’s an extra bit of guidance to go with it. Don’t turn self improvement into a grim ordeal.

Relax. Have some fun along the way. Life is to live, not to endure.

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About The Author

William S. Wooditch, author of Always Forward! Discover the 7 Secrets of Sales Success is the founder, CEO and president of The Wooditch Group, a privately held risk management and insurance services firm. He is also the founder of Think Next, Act Now!, a learning forum that trains tomorrow’s entrepreneurs today.

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