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April 17, 2017

AMA's management skills assessment

Do you have the skills needed for success in today’s business environment? The AMA Skill Assessment offers a quick and easy way to answer to that question. This free management skill assessment provides a current reading on your strengths and skill gaps. With a view of your proficiency in must-have competencies, you can create a roadmap for your own development.

AMA’s self-assessment takes the guesswork out of determining where you are in your skill development and where you need to go on your learning path, says Nicholas Igneri, vice president of education at AMA. “The skill assessment serves as a guidance system for individuals,” he says. “It’s like a GPS that guides you to the right location.”

The newly revised AMA Skill Assessment allows you to rate your skills in relation to AMA’s Total Professional model. This research-based model identifies key skills and behaviors in four major areas that professionals must have to advance in their careers and succeed in the workplace. The skill assessment is further tied to the individual’s level of professional experience.

The four groups of skills evaluated in the AMA Skill Assessment are:

  • Professional Effectiveness
  • Relationship Management
  • Business Acumen
  • Analytical Intelligence

Using the AMA Skill Assessment

Here’s how the online skill assessment works: You rate yourself on a series of skills and behaviors aligned to professional effectiveness, relationship management, business acumen, and analytical intelligence. The skills and behaviors rated span a broad range of in-demand competencies—such as communication, adaptability, collaboration, financial acumen, problem solving, and more.

When you’re done, you’ll receive a personalized AMA Skill Assessment report that details your results. The report shows how well you meet the criteria for professional competence in the targeted skills and behaviors. A color-coded recommendation for each skill indicates whether it is a key strength for you to leverage, a skill gap that will benefit from further develop, or a skill gap that requires significant improvement or development.

An AMA consultant will discuss the results with you to determine the best way forward. This awareness is critical at a time when people are inundated with information, says Igneri. Today’s professionals must ask the question “If I want to grow in my career, what do I need to do?” The AMA Skill Assessment helps answer that question, providing the direction you need to build your career success.

To take your management assessment, visit the AMA Skill Assessment page.

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