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May 1, 2017

Team skill assessment quiz

As a manager, you must ensure that your team has the competencies needed to achieve business goals. But how can you take the pulse of their skills to determine your group’s proficiency in critical competencies? The AMA Skill Assessment makes this team evaluation process fast and easy for managers looking to build team effectiveness. The free, newly revised assessment quiz offers key insights into development needs.

“If a manager is interested in looking at strengths and deficiencies across the whole team, we can set up everybody to take the skill assessment,” says Nicholas Igneri, vice president of education at AMA. The results allow managers to identify talent development priorities across the team spectrum.

The AMA Skill Assessment provides an individual report to each employee and an aggregate report for the manager on the team’s level of proficiency in high-demand skills. The assessment is aligned to AMA’s Total Professional model, which identifies skills and behaviors that are essential to success in today’s business environment. This research-based model places essential skills into four quadrants:

  • Professional Effectiveness
  • Relationship Management
  • Business Acumen
  • Analytical Intelligence

The AMA Skill Assessment process for teams

To start the process, the manager receives unique URLs to share with team members. Using the AMA Skill Assessment, each employee rates his or her proficiency in skills and behaviors tied to AMA’s Total Professional model. These skills represent a range of in-demand competencies—such as relationship building, collaboration, communication, analytical thinking, and customer focus. Three levels of professional experience are factored into the assessment as well.

Based on these ratings, the manager receives a cumulative report identifying the team’s strengths and weaknesses. Each team member receives a personalized assessment report detailing his or her results. The individual reports show how well the employee meets the criteria for professional competence in the rated skills. Color-coded recommendations show whether each skill is a key strength to be leveraged, a skill gap that will benefit from further develop, or a skill gap that requires significant improvement or development.

For the manager, the group results and AMA’s Total Professional model serve as a guidance system for talent development. Working with an AMA consultant, you can identify the best solutions for the group overall. So rather than guessing about your team’s development needs, you can set them on the proper path to learning and success.

To begin your team assessment, visit the AMA Skill Assessment page.

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