Getting Ready for an Interview? Tips To Land The Job

May 29, 2014

getting ready for an interview tips to get the job

Getting ready for an interview? Here are some tips on how to make the best impression.

It’s hard enough to get an interview, let alone land the job.

Based on thousands of conversations with candidates and hiring managers, here’s what we’ve found out:

1) The résumé and technical skills get you in the door.

2) Personality, demeanor and appearance are judged before anything else

3) Everything you say will be judged and analyzed during and after the interview.

Once in the interview, it’s not about you.  Your skills and qualifications are important; however, the only thing that really matters is the perception of how you can make the company and hiring manager successful.

Hiring is expensive and hiring managers are afraid to make mistakes.

Devora Zack on the Only Way to be a Successful

During the interview:

  • Never say anything negative about a former employer, manager, co-worker or company.
  • Stick to business.  How can you be successful in the position?  How have you handled similar challenges in the past?
  • Wear the consultant hat.  Ask open ended questions.  What are key challenges of the role?  Focus the interview on how you can make the company more successful.
  • Share information you have researched on the company.
  • Watch your body language.  Sit up straight!
  • Keep your personal possessions off the interviewer’s desk.  Turn off your cell phone.
  • Don’t discuss compensation, overtime or benefits.   This will be covered at the point of offer.

As a candidate, your focus should only be on receiving an offer from the company.  Whether you accept the offer, depends on personal goals and interest.

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