Has the Role of Leadership Changed?

March 27, 2013

role of leadership
Has the Role of the Leader Changed?

We asked leadership guru and author of Intelligent Leadership John Mattone how leadership has changed over the years:

“I don’t think the role of leadership or the definition has changed as much as the context has changed.  It is more intense and complicated than even five years ago and this will only intensify in the coming years. Leadership is always important, but especially during times of change and duress or growth and opportunity, organizations need people in top and mid-level positions to exhibit strong leadership characteristics. These people need to do more than just manage. Leaders need to step up to the essential challenges facing the organization and provide a desirable and attainable vision of the future, while motivating and inspiring others to reach that vision.”

We also asked Barry Posner, coauthor of The Leadership Challenge, the same question recently in an interview:

Three Questions with Barry Posner

How Important Is Passion to Leadership?

According to Mattone: “It’s hard work to truly become the best you can be. Actually, it’s the hardest work you will do in your life. It is my belief that each and everyone one of us possesses the massive potential to become more capable, committed, and aligned today than we were yesterday. In fact, this is what separates truly great leaders from the rest; they possess a passionate and diligent focus on the singular pursuit of becoming the absolute best they can be—every day. It is only through the realization of this singular pursuit that great leaders cultivate the same in the people they lead.”


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    “A desirable and attainable vision of the future.”
    Tattoo that on your palm. Also we need to know HOW to attain it, but it’s a start. “Where there is no vision, the people perish.”

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