How Is B2B Marketing Different From B2C Marketing?

March 20, 2013

B2B analysis

Marketing is extremely different when you are marketing directly to a consumer (“b to c” or B2C) as opposed to marketing to another business (“b to b” or B2B).

B2C Marketing

Marketing to the consumer is marketing to an individual to get them to buy a product. You have a clear objective and goal (sell the product), you appeal directly to their emotions, and you try to engage them in the brand.

B2B Marketing

When you market to a business, you usually have to get more than one party to sign off before you make a sale. So marketing to a business usually involves trying to move the prospective company further into the sales cycle instead of trying to close the sale. The marketing pieces usually use more information than emotion, and they appeal to multiple constituencies. The brand is used not to engage the customer, but rather to reassure them of the quality of your product. Lead generation is a key objective of B2B marketing.  

Keeping these differences in mind while developing your marketing plan is critical. Here is a handy cheat sheet in table format to help you keep the differences straight.

B2B vs B2C cheat sheet

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