How Leaders Can Become Great Learners

December 9, 2013

leaders as learners

In today’s complex, high-speed world, people must be great learners in order to be great leaders. A great leader sees her job as learning about all the new things that hit her and the organization every day. Learning and leading are completely intertwined.

Being a great learner can:

  • Provides the confidence to be open to new ideas and a willingness to take risks
  • Means taking the time to think enough to work smart instead of just working hard
  • Means modeling for others the importance of listening and reacting quickly to new information, even while making short-term goals

Many forces are against leaders being great learners:

1. Most education is passive. Leaders aren’t taught how to learn.

2. Most corporate pressures to make numbers don’t allow time for being a learner.

Few tips on how to be a Great Learner and Leader:

  • Be responsible for your own learning. Take some time to think about your role as a learner in your role as a leader. Be a conscious model of great learning and display the roles of being great learners.
  • Schedule daily time for formal reflection, even if it’s only five minutes. Just five minutes devoted to reflection every day can dramatically improve performance.
  • Record one thing you learned each week. The process of writing requires more review and reflection. It helps to anchor the new knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors in the brain.
  • Schedule one activity that will promote your learning. It does not need to be big; even reading an article or visiting a web forum about your business can inspire learning and reflection.
  • Regularly ask yourself, your team, and your peers what you learned from the week’s work—not just what you did, but what you learned.

It will be a challenge to focus on your learning, and to get others to focus on learning. People are so busy focusing on doing that the idea of reflecting on learning is new, but incredibly powerful and handy within becoming great learners and leaders for those around you.

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